Rakun Music Workshops are thoroughly prepared, focused, and highly hands-on. Participants are playing their instruments about 85% of the time.

Rakun Music Workshops are usually three-hour-long sessions. They've  been created specifically for teen- through-adult participants. We focus on the use of guitar, mandolin, bass and vocals in a group setting, learning  acoustic music in traditional and contemporary folk, bluegrass and country styles.

I help participants work through easy-to follow tablature and chord / lyric charts prepared specifically for each workshop. Students take the charts home for study. I demonstrate each technique, and help individual students master the concepts and techniques.

Colorful posters and flyers are available for your business or organization to use in promoting each workshop.

I've owned and operated my own music store and school, and worked as a factory representative for both Gibson and Fender guitar companies - so I fully understand the importance of professionalism in working with organizations who host my workshops.            

Please contact me well in advance of your next workshop opportunity to discuss my availability, possible music workshop topics, and how your organization may profit from my classes.
          Technique-Builder Workshops

Bass runs & Connections ( Level I)  - Guitar

Intro to mando soloing  (Level I)

Electric Bass for guitarists

Guitar Soloing Up The Neck

Hammer-ons & Pull-offs  (Folk, bluegrass and country

Improv in a Nutshell - Guitar - (Folk, bluegrass, country)

Swing Jazz Rhythm Guitar

  Music Theory Workshops

Fingerboard Logic - guitar

Music Theory in a Nutshell (Guitar, mando, fiddle, bass)

Song-writing in a Nutshell

Repertoire-Builder Workshops

Blues Cruise (Blues tunes and styles 1920-present)

Merle Haggard

Hank Williams

John Denver

And many othe artists
To arrange private or semi-private lessons, or discuss sponsoring a future workshop
for your group or business, please email: rakun@rakun.com